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Des Plaines Theatre turns 80

We are pleased to announce our celebration this weekend of the theater's 80th anniversary, this October 9. We have planned a weekend of special shows to commemorate the occasion.

Friday Night:
Wizard of Oz, 7pm. Featuring a memorabilia display from the Des Plaines Historical Society in the lobby. Tickets $5, $4 for Students, Members, & Seniors

Saturday Night:
Casablanca, 7pm. Be sure to come early for added attractions! The newly-refurbished spectacular marquee will have its ceremonial re-lighting at 6:30. Following that, the lobby will be open with piano entertainment by David Drazin of the Gene Siskel film center, and beer & wine for sale at the concession stand. Tickets $5, $4 for Students, Members, & Seniors

Doors open at 1:30 with a price of only 25 cents for hours of entertainment! To celebrate 80 years of entertainment, we have designed a bill to harken back to the first days of the theater. First up is Tommy Dunn on the Hammond organ, bringing the magical sounds of organ back to the theater. Next is the Chordmasters Barbershop quartet, one of the best in state. Following is Banjo artist Vernon Podges, recreating the sounds of opening week act Ed "Banjo" Hines.

Next up is silent film Sally of the Sawdust, the third film to ever to appear at the theater, featuring WC Fields in his first starring role, directed by the legendary DW Griffith. Piano accompaniment will be provided by David Drazin.

Afterward, cake will be served to celebrate 80 great years. We hope to see you!

For more information, including our next Halloween shows (Rocky Horror!), visit our website at

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