Now I'm Scaring Myself (scaring_myself) wrote in mwhs,
Now I'm Scaring Myself

So here it is, the post that I know you all have been anticipating.

Ewing t-shirts are ready for order.

Here is the layout:
Front: E-winger
Back: "E-wing is like the Bermuda Triangle. Once I heard a kid from C-wing went in there and never came back."-Bill M

The T-shirt is black with neon green writing. 10 dollars each.

If you go to MW currently, order forms will be made available to you soon.
If you no longer go to Maine West you will either have to get a sibling or good friend that is currently at MW to order them for you OR your other choice is to let me order them for you. If that is the case I will need money from you. If you need my address I will give it to you, just let me know.

Forms should be out later this week so make sure to order one while you can!

P.S. If you are an e-winger either in reality or at heart make sure to join our community! e_wingers
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